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Cricket Academy weekly coaching schedule

This year the Academy has decided to organise practice sessions for the younger age groups on Sunday mornings which hopefully will be more convenient for parents to bring their children to the sessions and stay to watch. Organised practice evenings will begin on Sunday 9th April from 10.30 to 12.00 for the U9 and U11 age groups.  

There will also be a practice session on Monday evenings, commencing the 10th April, at the Club net area for the U11’s squad preparing for matches. The U11 squad coach will contact those U11’s to be invited to practice on Monday evenings. 

The U13s squad will practice in the nets on Tuesdays starting on the 11th and the U15’s on Wednesdays starting on the 12th both with a start time of 18.00. 

Each age squad will have coaches that will organise a programme across a number of weekly sessions with individual coaching being available and individual performance recorded / monitored with the squad managers both within the coaching sessions and during the league / friendly games. 

If any parents are prepared to help out on each of the two evenings with any group, you would be extremely welcome and can find out more by speaking to one of the coaches on the registration day or at one of the coaching sessions.